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Introducing COC OEN – lockdown’s latest creation.


…the year Antarctica records its highest ever temperature (18.2C at Esperanza – Argentina’s research station). Soleimani is assassinated in a US drone strike outside Baghdad airport. And Parasite becomes the first non-English film to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

However, the reason we’ll remember the year 2020 is obvious. It’s because of the coronavirus pandemic and the unprecedented changes it has brought to our lives.

There was tangible optimism at the beginning of lockdown. People boasted they were going to write a book. Learn Spanish. Master the downward dog. Channel themselves through meditation. Bake 45 banana loaves. Lose 15 pounds, and build two abs. The list could go on.

With most of us findings ourselves with more time than ever, more time than sane things to fill that time with, drafting ambitious lists seem sensible and proactive.

Like many others, I didn’t expect restrictions to last so long. I had imagined the idea of lockdown before it had started as a prison sentence, like doing time. Lots of it. But now, looking back, I’ve released two main things; we aren’t living in a dystopian fantasy, and having all this free time almost devalues it. It feels as though time has accelerated as the weeks go by and I can’t grab hold of enough time to do what was on list.

My list of ‘lockdown projects’ was also ambitious. Like new year resolutions- all too optimistic, and perhaps unachievable. But most generations haven’t had this opportunity, and who knows if we’ll ever experience a lockdown again, and so why not.

I wanted to read more, and I have managed to. I wanted to cook more, I’ve done that too. I wanted to go running more, and I have, more or less. And the final project, which I had hoped would have taken off in week two or three of lockdown is this – COC OEN.

Week 14, and it is finally forming properly, albeit a bit late.

And so here I am, three homemade haircuts in, finally writing the first post. What seems like a bit of a ramble; all the ideas I’ve collected in my mind about this platform written down hastily to make up for time. (Although better late than never, I’m still kicking myself for not starting this weeks ago).

Introducing COC OEN.

The idea behind COC OEN was to create an online magazine about food, art and other things creative in Wales. It wants to celebrate contemporary Welsh culture and creativity in all its forms, and the people behind it. More content will be uploaded often(ish) and so keep posted on our socials and have a read of our blog posts.

And if your interested… we’re looking for people to contribute, to turn COC OEN into a collection of stories, notes and photos about culture, food, art and people across Wales. If this is something you want to get involved with, or if you want to share any ideas, please get in touch.

Mae COC OEN yn y Gymraeg hefyd. Serch nad oes llawer o gynnwys Cymraeg ‘ma eto, os i chi eisiau cyfrannu mewn unrhyw fodd, mawr neu fach, croeso i chi cyfrannu at gynnwys COC OEN yn y Gymraeg neu’r Saesneg.

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