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Lockdown haircuts with Scott from SLW Barbers

Have you had a hair disaster during lockdown? Suffered at the hand of a scissor-happy home barber? Grown a mane over the last months? With hair salons and barbershops re-opening by appointment from today, lots of us will probably be flocking to professionals to sort out the lockdown locks.

I’ve gone through a fair few hairstyles during this period, firstly I considered taking the opportunity to grow a man-bun, but having a short amount of patience for the intermediate look between hair too long to keep tidy, and too short to do anything with, this aspiration was short lived. I went for a mullet for a few weeks before settling on a home-made basic short back and sides. I’m sure to be visiting Scott soon to sort it out properly.

Its safe to say lockdown may have elevated the phrase ‘bad hair-day’ to a new level. I’ve talked to Ifan Jones Evans about his interesting hairstyle. Perhaps more used to sheering, Ifan styled himself a questionable fade right before beginning filming for S4C. Luckily, Ifan’s since been presenting on the radio.

If you’re like Ifan or if you can’t make it to a hairdresser, or are holding out for further weeks, read on for some professional tips on hair cutting at home.

I’ve been chatting to Scott Lote-Williams who started SLW Barbers, a self-taught barber from Castell Newydd Emlyn in West Wales. Unique in his artistic flare, and having not taking the conventional route into barbering, his start-up business is quite inspirational.

Scott’s been cutting hair for 4 years having taught himself at home while in year 11, and now with a huge portfolio of fresh trims; there’s no one better to ask about how to cut hair at home.

Scott began when he fatefully offered to cut his Dad’s hair, and later his mates’, SLW Barber’s was born. Firstly based in his bedroom, and now in his garden shed converted into a relaxed barbershop.

Scott’s haircuts have no boundaries as to where they occur, when I asked him about the most unique location he’s worked, this was a difficult choice between a 4:30am trim against the sunrise, a cut in a cow shed, on a paddleboard, on the pavements of Tenby or even in the Alps.

Scott’s most ambitious plan however, is to cut hair underwater, by sinking a barber’s chair in the sea and using a snorkelling kit.

In terms of hairstyles too, Scott’s done them all. The most impressive may be a re-creation of the style which won Mathew Guerin the British Master Barber of the year 2018, among other eccentric and beyond-cool patterns.

During lockdown Scott’s been helpfully instructing others on how to achieve a decent cut at home over Facetime, something I would have definitely been grateful for a few weeks back.

I asked him what five tips he would give to those attempting home haircuts, this was his advice:

  1. Don’t use beard trimmers – it maybe tempting but get some real equipment first.
  2. Work from long to short, gradually cutting more hair off (not from short to long).
  3. Don’t start with a skin fade, start with a 2 if you want short.
  4. Don’t trust your best mate (no matter how good they claim to be). Trust your mum.
  5. Maybe just try going to the barbers (unless you’re really desperate).

And there it is! The secrets to a stylish trim at home. Hopefully this will be some solace to anyone with a dodgy fade or skewed fringe. But if you’re not taking a second chance, SLW Barbers are open from today by appointment.